Filing Requirements Designs


  1. Power of Attorney in the applicant’s name. No notarization or legalization is required. Simple signature, including indication of the capacity of company’s representative together with company’s stamp (only if available) suffice;
  2. Graphic or photographic representation in black and white (photos must enable “offset” reproduction), unless coloured publication is requested. Maximum dimensions: 16cm X 16cm. No titles, comments or characterizations on the representation are allowed;
  3. Declaration concerning the creator, if different from the applicant;
  4. Classification according to the Locarno International Classification for Industrial Designs (optional);
  5. List of Goods into which the design or model will be incorporated or attached to (optional);
  6. Original version of Priority document, if priority is claimed. Priority may be claimed within a 6-months term;
  7. Description up to 100 words (optional);
  8. Request for deferment of publication that cannot exceed twelve months as from the filing date of the design application (optional);
  9. Declaration stating that the design has been published at an officially recognized exhibition (the disclosure shall not exceed the period of six (6) months prior to the filing of the design application) accompanied by a certificate confirming the date on which the exhibition was held if applicable;  
  10. Original Extract of the Registry of Companies showing the company name and its full particulars, i.e. validity of the company, legal seat and address and its legal representatives OR a declaration before a notary containing the required particulars of the applicant duly legalized by Apostille.