VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm was established in Athens in 1900 being the first firm to introduce IP Law and Practice to Greece. The establisher was Alkiviadis Zoiopoulos, a pioneer IP attorney and a multi-lingual legal advisor of the then foreign investors in Greece, who practiced from 1896 to 1933. He run for the first two decades of the 20th century the only law firm that was exclusively specializing on trademark and patent law. The Paris Convention (1883) and the first Greek Trademark Law (1893) having been set into force shortly before, Zoiopoulos was fervently engaged in registering and protecting world leaders of manufacture, such as Merck, IG Farben, OTIS, SINGER, BAYER, DAIMLER and others. On an institutional level he was also involved in the creation of the first Greek Trademark Law ΒΡΝΣΤ 1983 and 1927, contributing his profound expertise.

Peter C. Kostopoulos, the successor of Zoiopoulos, led the offices from 1933 to 1973, having gained worldwide fame as a top IP attorney with deep knowledge of Greek and international Trademark and Patent Law. Not only his English and French clientele, but especially loyal German or German-speaking industries acknowledged his expertise by entrusting him key litigation cases already in the first after-war years.

Pierre Mamopoulos was a distinguished trademark and patent attorney for more than four (4) decades (1930-1974), advising leading industries of international origin and especially French ones, like ROUSSEL, UNION DES FABRICANTS, UCLAF, SODEMA, VICHY, RICARD and others. He was the first to have translated the Greek Civil Code in French (Code Civil Helléniqué). In the late ‘60s Mamopoulos’ law offices were merged with and into Kostopoulos’ practice that had been undertaken in the meantime by their successor George St. Vayanos. 

Prof. Dr Dr George St. Vayanos with his dedicated engagement expanded the scope of IP activities still focusing mainly on IP prosecution and litigation on all kinds of IPRs. He remained the head of the firm from 1973 to 1993, when he was attributed the honor of professorship, firstly at the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and three years later at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. As a Professor Emeritus, he is currently active in various educational and research activities, while maintaining his position as Counsel to VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm.

Since 1993 the firm is directed by Dr Nikolaos Lyberis.