Forms Assignment of trade mark(s)

Assignment of trade mark(s)


on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has been agreed to and decided, in consideration of the premises, that the first of the aforesaid parties does hereby assign and transfer to the second party in accordance with the Greek Law, all its right, title and interest attached to Trade Mark No(s).

filed or registered with the Ministry of Development & Competitiveness (General Secretariat of Commerce, Department of Industrial and Commercial Property) in Athens.

The second party does hereby declare that it accepts the assignment in question and does hereby make, constitute and appoint Mrs. Christina Ismini Vayanos Kostopoulos and/or Dr. Nikolaos Lyberis, Attorneys of VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm, 37 Stournara Str., GR-10682 Athens, Greece, as its special attorneys, with power to file with the said Ministry, either jointly or separately, personally or by a substitute within the members of the same Law Firm, the application(s) required for the recordal of the present assignment and to renew the above mentioned Trade Marks in due time.

The latter party also appoints the said Attorneys to accept service of documents in Athens (37 Stournara Str., GR-10682 Athens) and declares hereby that, in case of litigation involving the Trade Mark(s) concerned, it submits to the jurisdiction of the Tribunals and High Courts of Athens.

In witness thereof the parties have hereunto set their name at this day of