Forms Power of attorney TM

Power of attorneyTM

The undersigned, hereby make, constitute and appoint Mrs. Christina Ismini Vayanos Kostopoulos and/or Dr. Nikolaos Lyberis, Attorneys of VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm seated at 37 Stournara Street, GR-10682 Athens, Greece, true and lawful attorneys, entitled to act either jointly or separately, on our behalf and in our name in accordance with the provisions of the Greek and Community Laws relating to trade marks, and with special power to file all of our applications for trade marks with the competent Authorities.

Consequently, to prepare, sign and file all documents, requests and declarations for obtaining and maintaining the said trade mark registrations and, eventually, to file any relevant certificates and renewals; to attend to the recordal of assignments, licences, changes of name, changes of legal form and changes of address, to pay the lawful fees and to receive all official certificates; to appear for and on our behalf before the Trade Marks Courts of all Instances and to represent us in matters relating to trade marks in Greece before the said Courts; to abandon or withdraw, if necessary, any of our above applications, to obtain restitution of the documents and, eventually, of the official fees paid and to file petitions for revocation of licence agreements; to file interventions and/or oppositions, recourses, appeals, petitions for cancellation in our favour and upon our order in case of dispute; to withdraw these legal actions; to appoint other substitutes within the members of the VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm with the same or part of the present power; to comply in general with all formalities prescribed. We hereby ratify and confirm all and whatsoever said attorneys may lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents. All above acts may be done either jointly or separately by the said attorneys and/or their legitimately appointed substitutes.

We also make, constitute and appoint the said attorneys to accept service of documents in Athens, and we declare herewith that we submit to the jurisdiction of all the Law Courts of Athens of all Instances.

In witness whereof we have caused these presents to be executed in at this day of