The below articles were published in the online publication of GREEK LAW DIGEST ( in April 2014 

What is a design right and what is the legal frame of its protection?

An industrial design is the outer visible appearance gained over the totality or a part of a product consisting of its special characteristics such as shape, line, color, form and/or its materials or its ornamentation. Designs are protected according to the Presidential Decree 259/1997. Other laws may also apply to designs, such as unfair competition law, consumer protection law, law of torts, etc.

Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) and pediatric extension of patents

What is an SPC and which categories of patents does it cover?

What is the aim of prohibiting unfair competition?

A: In a free open market like the one of Greece being a part of the EU Internal Market and for the sake of its functionality, it is vital that limits are set to the practices of manufacturers and merchants so that competition among them remains fair. The primary legislative aim is guided by the principle of qualitative competition in terms of best possible offer. In other words, the preference of consumers must be the result of quality goods offered and services rendered in combination with an optimal price level. Competitors should be prohibited to use unfair practices such as misleading behavior, defamatory advertising, breach of statutory or contractual obligations and the like in their eager attempt to maximize their profit at all costs.