Our legal team, based on long and successful experience before courts, represents all kinds of court matters in connection with validity and infringement of any IP right in all available instances. Depending on applicable law and the nature of the involved IP right, we are regularly defending cases of often highest added value before Civil and Administrative Courts in Greece and the EU (OHIM, Board of Appeal, General Court, CJEU). 

Defense in third countries is also offered in collaboration with highly esteemed and strictly selected IP professionals  in literally every jurisdiction where protection for IP Rights can be sought and granted.

Our main litigation activities can be summarized as follows:

  1. Drafting and Summoning of Warning Letters
  2. Civil Actions, including First and Second Instance Courts, Courts of Appeal, as well as Revision Proceedings before the Supreme Court
  3. Interlocutory Injunction Proceedings, including Interim Orders against counterfeits
  4. Reconciliation Proceedings
  5. Unfair Competition Actions
  6. Consumer Protection Actions, both before Administrative Authorities and Civil Courts
  7. Customs Intervention Procedures according to EU Regulation 608/2013
  8. Civil Actions due to breach of commercial agreements, such Agency, Distributorship, Franchise, Co-Branding and Co-Production and the like.
  9. Seizure of Goods and Enforcement of Court Decisions
  10. Patent Invalidation Actions
  11. Legal Means against infringing domain names, including violation of IP rights in the digital world
  12. Advertising Law and Breach of Contract or Violation of Law of Torts