Our searching activities include pre- and after registration clearance, mapping of competitors’ rights, market vigilance and searches in support of actions and initiatives combating infringements.

Specifically we conduct: 

  1. Clearance of Trademarks at all available Registries, including Greek Community (OHIM) and International (WIPO)
  2. Clearance of Domain Names at all available gTLDs
  3. Clearance of Company Names at the Central Registry of Companies as well as at all available Provincial Chambers of Commerce
  4. Identification of Prior Art concerning Greek Patents or European Patents/PCTs with validity in Greece
  5. Market Searches figuring out the existence and circulation  as well as the non-genuine use of goods and services connected with brands and other IP rights, usually in co-operation with specialized commercial detectives.
  6. Market Surveys in support of court matters and in co-operation with leading companies in the field of market analysis and evaluation.