Our law firm applies GDPR compliant rules and has adopted the following measures with respect to keeping record of and administering clients’ data:

  1. We use a customized database for processing available data.
  2. The volume of data processed are restricted to the required minimum according to the principle of data minimisation.
  3. We keep record of GDPR activities.
  4. We apply a time-frame policy for maximum maintenance of stored data. We also apply a regular and safe recycling policy of inactive files and removed hardware facilities.
  5. Both our e-files and paper records are securely archived and are made accessible only to those attorneys and other members of staff who are effectively dealing with the content and/or update of a specific case.
  6. There is limited access to the working places of all departments of our law firm under the vigilant control of our premises’ reception.
  7. We use state-of-the-art IT security systems, including firewall for the protection of our server, anti-virus software, updated regularly, prohibition of the use of CDs, USB sticks and DVDs. We use regularly updated access codes consisting of at least 8 digits, which are confidentially made available to each one of our firm’s members.
  8. Our associates and staff responsible for supporting services are bound by NDA and are regularly trained in order to remain sensitive with respect to the confidentiality of personal data entrusted to our firm.
  9. Our premises are protected and continuously supervised by a specialized alarm security service.